Would you support term limits for the Rancho Cordova City Council?

Voters of Folsom have overwhelmingly passed a city council term limits measure. Would you support term limits for the Rancho Cordova City Council? (We are a General Law City, not a Charter City)


Folsom Measure C - City Council Term Limits

Measure C info from City of Folsom:

Ballot language:
Shall the measure to impose term limits for City Councilmembers by amending the Folsom City Charter to require that after serving 4 consecutive 4-year terms, a City Councilmember is not eligible to run for the City Council or to be appointed to a vacancy unless a period of 4 consecutive years have elapsed since their last service on the City Council, be adopted? No new City powers will result from adoption of the Charter Amendment.

3 Replies to “Would you support term limits for the Rancho Cordova City Council?”

  1. I would support term limits. I would omit the word consecutive and limit it to 2 terms only consecutive or not. Public service should not be a career.

    1. Thanks for commenting Tina. I was very surprised at the result in Folsom for this measure. Rancho Cordovans and Folsom residents arent so different. I think a term limits measure would pass here as well.

  2. Yes on term limits… Like Tina said, it shouldn’t be a career. I would say 3 terms would suffice, that would be 12 yrs. An elected official is barely getting their feet wet in 1 term & just getting aquatinted in 2 terms. 16 yrs is too much for 1 person to serve!! RC became a city in 2002, Budge has been there since the beginning & this yrs it’s been 16 yrs. Term limits is a must, McGarvey has been there just as long… Term limits for sure, we need new blood & new energy, some folks see it as a stepping stone. I’m surprised Sander is still there, he wanted another office yrs ago & lost so now he’s trying to gain more of a broader base or just realized the blue is gaining ground! 😉

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