A tie in the “Finger” Area precinct !

Garrett Gatewood and I are tied in the “Finger” area precinct 61411.
The area is colored in light green on the map, the only precinct I got shaded.

Battle for the finger area 11062018 general election
Battle for the finger area 11062018 general election

Whats the “Finger” Area?  Answer: the area designated as our “Sphere of Influence” (SOI) when our boundaries were drawn to make our incorporation “Revenue Neutral” which was annexed into the city in 2010.

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News Article:
Civil Union
Rancho Cordova welcomes annexed land
AUG 31, 2010 By JT Long
Comstock Magazine


Rancho Cordova Economic Development Director Curt Haven described the holdout as the county “taking the area as collateral.” The Rancho Cordova Incorporation Committee didn’t have much say over the boundaries, Haven says. “It was just a group of volunteers up against a county with all its lawyers. Now that we are a city with our own bank of attorneys, it was easier to be heard,” he says.