Ballot Guide Candidate Statement

I moved into Rancho Cordova in 1973 when my parents bought their first home in the Mills Park-Croetto neighborhood. I graduated from Cordova High School, attended American River and Cosumnes River College. I served as a member of the Rancho Cordova Incorporation Committee.

My experiences advocating for change in my neighborhood enabled me to develop conflict resolution skills, a value of respecting different views and the importance of actively listening to people.

During the 1980s-1990s, my parents and neighbors struggled to find solutions to address blight, crime, traffic safety and failing infrastructure, such as roads, sidewalks. Cityhood changed that, but recently, residents have been increasingly excluded as stakeholders.

Rancho Cordovans should be full partners in developing projects and policies that avoid the problems of the past, dividing our community. We deserve to be involved in the decisions that impact our quality of life and economic opportunities. Citizens of every other city in Sacramento County benefit from due process and inclusion a planning commission brings to the land use planning and zoning decisions that affect them.

In 2011, the Rancho Cordova Planning Commission was suspended to benefit developers. If elected, I will work to restore the Planning Commission.