Top Priorities

Restore the Planning Commission suspended since 2011 :

Citizens deserve to be involved in the decisions that impact their neighborhood’s quality of life, safety, health and economic opportunities.

Public Safety Priorities and Accountability:

Ensure Public Safety Services Funding, Transparency and Priorities meet all our citizens needs and ensure due process for both residents and officers. Implement annual Implicit Bias training for Police department, City Staff and City Council. Adopt resolution setting the “8CantWait” use of force policies as hundreds of cities in California and our region have like Roseville,  Elk GroveSacramento, Folsom, Rocklin .

Housing Affordability, Insecurity and Homelessness:

Maintain our ability to address housing insecurity for working families and seniors to prevent homelessness, and continue to partner with other local governments to address long term homelessness.

Endorsement from Fayzah Mughal, Community Leader and Activist, Lincoln Village

Im proud to receive an endorsement from Lincoln Village resident Fayzah Mughal.

(See image of letter below)

Fayzah has shared with me the challenges of using transit and bicycling safety issues in Rancho Cordova. We have worked together to advocate for better transit service from Regional Transit, and I have learned from her a great deal about the issues facing Lincoln Village.

Thank You Fayzah for your support, counsel and encouragement.

City Of Rancho Cordova 06/15 “We Stand for Justice” statement

On Monday, June 15, the city issued a press release “We Stand for Justice” and created a “We Are Listening” page inviting the community to engage city staff, police and city council.

The information is currently only available on the city’s web site, links below.

The information has not been shared on Nextdoor, Social Media or by email with the General Public. Please sign up to participate in the conversation on the “We Are Listening” page and stay informed, get involved.

We Stand for Justice

We Are Listening