Tues 01/08 4:00pm City Work Session: Code Enforcement Priorities

Received this in the January Fresh Events newsletter from City of Rancho Cordova.

UPDATE 1: START TIME 4PM – City Manager Cyrus Abhar has said via email that the start time of this meeting is 4pm. He said he will look into the confusion on the incorrect posting of the start time.

City Manager Cyrus Abhar referenced it during the November 19th and  November 5th City Council meeting Public Comment periods after Sharon Judy, Angel Ball and Walt Myers addressed the City Council about the follow up on RV Parking and Access.

Tuesday, January 8, 5:30 PM: City Council Special Meeting/Work Session
Rancho Cordova City Hall, 2729 Prospect Park Drive
The next City Council Special Meeting/Work Session will occur on January 8.

The topic is Code Enforcement Priorities.

Meeting calendar page (No Agenda yet)

Election Certified – Final Election Results – 5738 votes

I apologize for the late update.  December has been a very busy month so far.

On Friday, November 30th, the County Office of Elections announced the election had been certified.  Our final vote count was 5,738, 17% of votes cast for the race,  remaining in 3rd place.

11302018 November 6, 2018 General Election - City of Rancho Cordova City Council Certified Election Results
11302018 November 6, 2018, General Election – City of Rancho Cordova City Council Certified Election Results

We solidly won one precinct, the “Finger”.

precinct 61411 11302018 update
precinct 61411 11302018 update

Again, Thank You all so much for your support, and thank you to all who voted for city council candidates. Your votes really matter.

Stacy Leitner emailed candidates on 12/03, announcing the certification and the scheduling of the official announcement of the election results during the Monday, December 17th City Council Meeting (Link to Agenda).

During this meeting, Linda Budge and Garret Gatewood will be sworn in, and a new Mayor and Vice Mayor will be chosen.

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Council will also approve Council Member Appointments to Regional Boards, Commissions, and Committees.

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11/13/2018 Ballot Count Update – Still 3rd -3,572 @ 17%

11/13/2018 Ballot Count Update

We’re holding third place,  at 3,572,  17% of the votes cast.  20,264 votes counted for the council race so far. Estimated number of ballots left to process 94,508 countywide.

Next update from the Sacramento County Office of Elections is Friday, November 16th, 2018 after 4pm.

LINDA BUDGE 38% 7,749


11132018 election results 4pm
11132018 election results 4pm

Would you support term limits for the Rancho Cordova City Council?

Voters of Folsom have overwhelmingly passed a city council term limits measure. Would you support term limits for the Rancho Cordova City Council? (We are a General Law City, not a Charter City)


Folsom Measure C - City Council Term Limits

Measure C info from City of Folsom:

Ballot language:
Shall the measure to impose term limits for City Councilmembers by amending the Folsom City Charter to require that after serving 4 consecutive 4-year terms, a City Councilmember is not eligible to run for the City Council or to be appointed to a vacancy unless a period of 4 consecutive years have elapsed since their last service on the City Council, be adopted? No new City powers will result from adoption of the Charter Amendment.