Statement on Verdict of George Floyd murder trial

Today’s verdict convicting Derek Chauvin of the murder of George Floyd is watershed moment of police accountability in the history of our country. 

In at least one courtroom, today, one American jury decided that Black Lives Matter, and deserve the protection and justice promised to us all.

For the Floyd family, it brings some justice, but will never bring back George Floyd. 

The verdict has also relieved and inspired millions of African Americans, given them hope that “Justice for All” includes them as well.

Painfully, we must admit that there is not “Justice for All” and we must all continue to work to make that statement true.

I hope that in my city, Rancho Cordova, our elected officials and community leaders will re-double their efforts in light of today’s verdict, and embrace that the Pledge of Allegiance is a pledge to serve each other, the promise of justice for all Americans, secured by their fellow citizens.

#BlackLivesMatter #GeorgeFloyd #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd

On eve of election, 3 Rancho Cordova City Council members endorse restoring Planning Commission

On Nov 2nd, the night before the 2020 general election, 3 Rancho Cordova city council members endorsed discussing restoring the planning commission. All 3 council members fully endorsed restoring the planning commission. Mayor David Sander, Donald Terry @donaldterryrc and an enthusiastic, assertive Garrett Gatewood. Thank you. I look forward to that meeting.

11/13 Ballot Count Update

Ballot count update – We’re still in 6th place, 8% of the vote with 4,564 votes, with 51, 699 ballots remaining to be counted. Thank you again to all who voted for me and supported our issues.

@electsiri Siri Pulipati has pulled into 2nd place, Congratulations!

Next count update is on Tuesday, 11/17/2020 at 4:00 p.m.

Election Update and Thank You

I want to thank everyone that voted for my candidacy, my friends and family, community members for your endorsement and support of my candidacy in this current city council campaign of 2020, and in 2018.

The Sacramento County Office of Elections released an update of votes this afternoon and it looks like we wont see a change from 8% of the vote, at 3,058. There are still 260,804 ballots left to count, and the next update will be on Tuesday, 11/10 at 4pm.

It looks like we may have a new city council member with Siri Pulipati currently holding at 3rd place.

Congratulations to Siri, Donald Terry and David Sander.

I look forward to continuing to work with the city council to make Rancho Cordova a great city, and include Rancho Cordovans as partners in economic, public safety, land use planning, mobility, transit and zoning decisions that affect them by restoring the planning commission.

Thank you again for your support, for the opportunity to serve you in making a difference for Rancho Cordovans.

Vote No for Measure R

Join me in voting No on Measure R! No more writing off $250k loans to breweries or $192k loan forgiveness to Chamber of Commerce.

Please read these articles to learn more about how Measure H funds have been managed and what may be in store for Rancho Cordova taxpayers with Measure R.

2015: City loans American River Brewery $250K – Source: City of Rancho Cordova

2017: American River Brewery goes out of business

2019: Sacramento Biz Journal reports City of Rancho Cordova trying to collect on $235K balance of loan or write off loan – Source: Sacramento Business Journal

August 2019: Sac News and Review reports on Rancho Cordova Chamber Bailout after I ask them to look into story. Sacramento Bee declined to respond.

June 2019: Rancho Cordova City Council votes to convert $192, 000 loan balance from 2008 Chamber Bailout into grant. Source: Donald Childs for Rancho Cordova City Council, City of Rancho Cordova

2018: 2008 CHAMBER OF COMMERCE BAILOUT VIDEOS – CITY OF RANCHO CORDOVA Source: Donald Childs for Rancho Cordova City Council/ City of Rancho Cordova

Top Priorities

Restore the Planning Commission suspended since 2011 :

Citizens deserve to be involved in the decisions that impact their neighborhood’s quality of life, safety, health and economic opportunities.

Public Safety Priorities and Accountability:

Ensure Public Safety Services Funding, Transparency and Priorities meet all our citizens needs and ensure due process for both residents and officers. Implement annual Implicit Bias training for Police department, City Staff and City Council. Adopt resolution setting the “8CantWait” use of force policies as hundreds of cities in California and our region have like Roseville,  Elk GroveSacramento, Folsom, Rocklin .

Housing Affordability, Insecurity and Homelessness:

Maintain our ability to address housing insecurity for working families and seniors to prevent homelessness, and continue to partner with other local governments to address long term homelessness.