About Donald’s Top Priorities

  • Restoration of the City Planning Commission that was suspended in 2011
  • Code Enforcement Equity and Transparency
    • Create online code enforcement case mapping web site as San Diego, Pasadena, San Jose and other cities have so that citizens can see where and how the zoning code is applied.
    • Pass a parking enforcement/rv parking and setback ordinance that protects property rights, RV owners rights and balances the city’s policing authority with the city’s obligations to protect everyone’s rights
    • Assessment of impacts of clustered rehab group homes aka consistency with zoning code for medical facilities operating in residential neighborhoods.
  • Increase the number of RCPD Police Officers and Community Service Officers to address
    • traffic enforcement
    • dui enforcement
    • transit station and train safety
    • safe routes to school patrol
    • CRPD and American River Parkway safety
    • Ensuring parks are not nuisances, work with park district to establish
      • after hours on street parking restriction zones
      • ParkWatch/Neighborhood Watch groups
    • Open RCPD Service Center for Sunrise Douglas/Anatolia neighborhoods
  • Rental inspection program review
    • “2+1” rule and fire safety
    • Review Self Inspection program for Multi-Family Housing Property Managers and owners
  • Review of city/county emergency operations plans
    • Review of school emergency response plans-crisis response plans/lockdown- parent notification
  • Review of efficacy of homeless programs
  • Expansion of traffic calming, street closures, and improved pedestrian and bicycle protections/right of ways.

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