Sacbee Voter Guide – Donald Childs Questions and Answers

I participted in submitting basic bio info and answering specific issue questions posed by the Sacramento Bee, and well as general questions.

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There isnt a way to only link to my profile and answers, so I will share them here.

Question 1: Who are your top three campaign contributors?

Donald Childs: I have not sought campaign contributions.

Question 2: While coronavirus restrictions are expected to eventually subside, budget shortfalls from COVID-19 are expected to persist. How will you address these and what are your priorities for spending in the future?

Donald Childs: With falling revenues comes an inability to maintain current city service levels not mandated by the state of California. The city will have to freeze, and in many cases reduce service levels across the board. Citizens will need to be engaged and dealt with as stakeholders in making those decisions. We have to reassess how we use our current revenue sources that are not state mandated, such as Measure H, and protect revenue generating sources such as housing construction, retail, hospitality industry and business to business sales and services activity. The city must also examine its revenue neutrality property tax payment agreements with Sacramento County. We must maintain our ability to address housing insecurity for working families to prevent increasing homelessness, and continue to seek partners, county, state and federal funding to address the homeless problem.

Question 3: Racial inequality exists in all of our communities. How do you plan to address these gaps in the community you are seeking to represent?

Donald Childs: I want to create a Diversity and Inclusion Commission, adopt a roadmap to change, identical to the process the city of Elk Grove adopted and implemented. I also want to adopt a policy of annual Implicit Bias training for all city employees, police department and city council. We deserve to be involved in the decisions that impact our quality of life and economic opportunities. Citizens of every other city in Sacramento County benefit from due process and inclusion a planning commission brings to the land use planning and zoning decisions that affect them. In 2011, the Rancho Cordova Planning Commission was suspended to benefit developers. If elected, I will work to restore the Planning Commission.

Question 4: Housing affordability is changing our neighborhoods. What must be done to ensure our communities provide enough quality affordable housing for families of all income levels?

Donald Childs: The City of Rancho Cordova has identified in its housing element vacant infill sites and underutilized infill sites within the Folsom Boulevard Corridor, Coloma Road Corridor for affordable housing projects. The city needs to continue to focus on encouraging housing production through zoning appropriate land, and facilitate owners of unsuccessful, underperforming and vacant office/retail parcels to rezone to residential mixed-use zoning.

Question 5: What do you believe is the most important issue facing your constituents today, and what will you do to address it?

Donald Childs: Housing Insecurity. Many Rancho Cordovans face uncertainty in maintaining employment and paying their rent or mortgages. Just over 40% of residents in Rancho Cordova rent, living in multi-family housing. I want to expand the Folsom Cordova Community Partnership – Relief Safety Net Services: CDBG-CV– grant program, by appropriations from Measure H fund, CDBG-CV fund to provide a one time rental or mortgage payment grant to residents who have a dire need, and are facing eminent homelessness from current budget of $100,000 to $500,000. I also want to increase funding for Sacramento Self-Help Housing: Housing Counseling and Renters Helpline services provided to Rancho Cordovans.

Top Priorities

Restore the Planning Commission suspended since 2011 :

Citizens deserve to be involved in the decisions that impact their neighborhood’s quality of life, safety, health and economic opportunities.

Public Safety Priorities and Accountability:

Ensure Public Safety Services Funding, Transparency and Priorities meet all our citizens needs and ensure due process for both residents and officers. Implement annual Implicit Bias training for Police department, City Staff and City Council. Adopt resolution setting the “8CantWait” use of force policies as hundreds of cities in California and our region have like Roseville,  Elk GroveSacramento, Folsom, Rocklin .

Housing Affordability, Insecurity and Homelessness:

Maintain our ability to address housing insecurity for working families and seniors to prevent homelessness, and continue to partner with other local governments to address long term homelessness.

Endorsement from Fayzah Mughal, Community Leader and Activist, Lincoln Village

Im proud to receive an endorsement from Lincoln Village resident Fayzah Mughal.

(See image of letter below)

Fayzah has shared with me the challenges of using transit and bicycling safety issues in Rancho Cordova. We have worked together to advocate for better transit service from Regional Transit, and I have learned from her a great deal about the issues facing Lincoln Village.

Thank You Fayzah for your support, counsel and encouragement.

Election Certified – Final Election Results – 5738 votes

I apologize for the late update.  December has been a very busy month so far.

On Friday, November 30th, the County Office of Elections announced the election had been certified.  Our final vote count was 5,738, 17% of votes cast for the race,  remaining in 3rd place.

11302018 November 6, 2018 General Election - City of Rancho Cordova City Council Certified Election Results
11302018 November 6, 2018, General Election – City of Rancho Cordova City Council Certified Election Results

We solidly won one precinct, the “Finger”.

precinct 61411 11302018 update
precinct 61411 11302018 update

Again, Thank You all so much for your support, and thank you to all who voted for city council candidates. Your votes really matter.

Stacy Leitner emailed candidates on 12/03, announcing the certification and the scheduling of the official announcement of the election results during the Monday, December 17th City Council Meeting (Link to Agenda).

During this meeting, Linda Budge and Garret Gatewood will be sworn in, and a new Mayor and Vice Mayor will be chosen.

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Council will also approve Council Member Appointments to Regional Boards, Commissions, and Committees.

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A tie in the “Finger” Area precinct !

Garrett Gatewood and I are tied in the “Finger” area precinct 61411.
The area is colored in light green on the map, the only precinct I got shaded.

Battle for the finger area 11062018 general election
Battle for the finger area 11062018 general election

Whats the “Finger” Area?  Answer: the area designated as our “Sphere of Influence” (SOI) when our boundaries were drawn to make our incorporation “Revenue Neutral” which was annexed into the city in 2010.

More Info  


News Article:
Civil Union
Rancho Cordova welcomes annexed land
AUG 31, 2010 By JT Long
Comstock Magazine


Rancho Cordova Economic Development Director Curt Haven described the holdout as the county “taking the area as collateral.” The Rancho Cordova Incorporation Committee didn’t have much say over the boundaries, Haven says. “It was just a group of volunteers up against a county with all its lawyers. Now that we are a city with our own bank of attorneys, it was easier to be heard,” he says.

11/13/2018 Ballot Count Update – Still 3rd -3,572 @ 17%

11/13/2018 Ballot Count Update

We’re holding third place,  at 3,572,  17% of the votes cast.  20,264 votes counted for the council race so far. Estimated number of ballots left to process 94,508 countywide.

Next update from the Sacramento County Office of Elections is Friday, November 16th, 2018 after 4pm.

LINDA BUDGE 38% 7,749

11132018 election results 4pm
11132018 election results 4pm

Would you support term limits for the Rancho Cordova City Council?

Voters of Folsom have overwhelmingly passed a city council term limits measure. Would you support term limits for the Rancho Cordova City Council? (We are a General Law City, not a Charter City)

Folsom Measure C - City Council Term Limits

Measure C info from City of Folsom:

Ballot language:
Shall the measure to impose term limits for City Councilmembers by amending the Folsom City Charter to require that after serving 4 consecutive 4-year terms, a City Councilmember is not eligible to run for the City Council or to be appointed to a vacancy unless a period of 4 consecutive years have elapsed since their last service on the City Council, be adopted? No new City powers will result from adoption of the Charter Amendment.

11/09/2018 Ballot Count Update

11/09/2018 Ballot Count Update

We’re holding third place,  at 3,030, falling  1% to 17% of the votes cast.  16,995 votes counted for the council race so far. Estimated number of ballots left to process 151,143.

Next update from the Sacramento County Office of Elections is Tuesday, November 13th, 2018 after 4pm.

LINDA BUDGE 37% 6,445
DONALD CHILDS 17% 3,030 

11/09/2018 Ballot Count Update

Im very honored to receive the support of so may Rancho Cordovans, and as we move through this ballot counting process, I will continue to share information in support of our top priorities to address, as well as ballot count updates.

Here’s a link to the ballot count update schedule from Sacramento County Office of Elections,  and the “What’s Left to Process” page breaking down estimates of :

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